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The first-ever NFT collectible that earns you rental fees by holding one! Be a landlord, make passive income! 3,333 available for the first theme (the bedroom)!

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About Solana Room

The first NFT collectible that earns you passive rental income by simply holding! Be a landlord, earn passive income every month! 3,333 bedrooms available on Solana today!

With this model, the floor price of Solana Room will be correlated with the total value in the pool of funds, resulting in Solana Room being backed by intrinsic value.

Latest Stats

0.35 SOL Avg Monthly Rental

282.77 % APR

Solana Room Roadmap

Phase 1 - Minting of Solana Room

What is better than owning a Solana Room? OWNING A SOLANA ROOM! :)


Phase 2 - Unleash the Algorithmic Trading Bot

Funds are deployed accordingly for the system to start accumulating profit for the rental collection!


2022 - Q2 - Expansion Stage

  • New NFT drops will be planned! (Each drop will increase in mint price)
  • Team expansion (We're hiring!)
  • Secret surprise giveaway 👀 Can it be a...?


2022 - Q3 - Active Development Stage

  • Development of investment platform that will use to expand TVL for the initial investment pool. Now everyone can participate without owning the NFT, Solana Room NFT holders will benefit from the public fund!

2022 - Q4 - Platform audit & release

  • Perform a security audit for our investment platform before launching.
  • Once the audit is ready, we will launch the platform to the public, more information about the platform will be available in a medium article later!



Solana Room is more than just an NFT, the possibility to scale is unlimited due to its model, we'll be planning as we progress on the future roadmap and bring Solana Room to the next level!


How are the proceeds from minting allocated?
80% of the proceeds are used to invest, 20% are kept for R&D, hiring, marketing, and infrastructure.
Is there a performance fees from the profit?
We charge a 25% performance fees on profit and the rest are distributed to Solana Room holder.
Where do you get the algorithmic bot?
Solana Room works closely with experienced Quant to create the autonomous trading algorithm, they are not generally available to the public and sometimes requires a significant amount of fund to run. With Solana Room, we can protect the intellectual property of the logic and indicators while allowing retail investors to get their hands on sophisticated algorithmic products.
What is the expected rental I can get monthly?
There is no guaranteed number that how much rental could be generated a month, but with our back-tested result we're looking at 80%+ APR!
How much profit generated is airdropped to the holder?
70% of the profit generated is airdropped to Solana Room holder and 30% are used to compound the fund.
Does Solana Room have rarity traits that will affect how much rental I get?
No, every holder gets an equal share of the profit generated from the investment pool. However, each of our NFT has its own design rarity :) Who doesn't love a cute room!
What are the mint price and date?
Mint Price: 1.5 SOL / Mint Date: 20th February 2022, at 3 PM UTC